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Can any surf dudes or dudettes help!?

Hi All in WordPress and twitter world – I have been asked today to help find some sponsorship for an amazing young girl with serious disabilities to compete in the UK surfing circuit – her mother has to stand in the water with a defibrillator incase her own daughter has a cardiac arrest – which has happened 30 + times over the last year!!!!!

She needs sponsorship only a wetsuit for her – and her poor mother as well I guess – some great PR opportunities here for local businesses – in the right I dusty I guess – any help or contact names would be ever so great fully received!!!!!…..

Cheers All,



Check this out from the local papers!!!!!


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Training is getting Addictive!!!! :-)

It would appear that this training get up is getting addictive – back to Mauy Thai Boxing and Starting Brazilian Jui Jitsu i was looking to loose weight but nearly 5KGs in an 8 week period is something i didn’t expect!

Yes i may be the larger guy at the moment – but keeping this up and i will be a lot better of soon! 🙂

Me and Jo Training BJJ

All i need to do is loose more weight and get these techniques sorted as a second nature movement – hopefully soon! 🙂

me getting an arm bar on Jo at BJJ

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Time for some better News!!!!!…..

hi all – I’ve started another blog for anyone to comet on – please go large ! – i hate miserable news so i have chosen a few topics i have of interest and asked three thousand people to start reading it! 🙂 i really want to hear positive  fun news that can help inspire and uplift everyone’s spirits….. all just for fun – please have a look! or .eu or on Word Press at htp;// please have a look – please excuse the slow start to it all – but with work and life it’s kinda difficult!!!!! 🙂

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WordPress help please! :-)

Hi all I’m just getting in to playing with WordPress web site design for my little computer shop in Falmouth in Cornwall….. I want to add my eBay shop on to one of the pages but its driving me mad! Is there an easy way to make the page like a frame and add an RSS feed in to it!?
I’m no code type guy and I’ve tried a widget but I can’t make the entire page a widget….. Can anyone please help!?….. Cheers, Damian “I hate it when I can’t figure it out” Lambkin 🙂

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New Career!?

Hi All….. Hs anyone retrained completely before!? I’m work I waste management and have a massive interest in Physio Therapy – I have no real science back ground but would l e t give it a go!!!!!….. But I can’t afford to do it full time due to work and money….. Anyone got any ideas!?


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Weight loss!

Hi all – ok I need to loose three stone ASAP – I’m training again three times a week at college twice a week – and family fun and games twice a week – I need to be able to fit in dietary weight loss regime! – has anyone got any tips or advice for me!?….. Please!!!!!

Any recipe tips or web sites – free ones please all! 🙂 I need to loose weight not money! 🙂

I hope,your all well and happy! And thanks in advance for any / all advice anyone has to give!!!!!…..

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Good Luck Runners London Marathon Day!!!!!

Another quick note to all my friends taking part in the London Marathon today….. Good luck, you have all trained hard, be proud of what you have achieved even to get to we’re you all are now!!!!!….. Be great! Take it easy! Don’t get hurt! And enjoy the ride!!!!!….. Good luck one and all!!!!!….. And may the force be with you! 🙂

The tracking system on the Virgin Marathon web site is incredible – type in the name and details of anyone you know running the marathon and you can follow them on an interactive online map….. Amazing!!!!!….. Also find out if I lost the bet on their finishing times!!!!! 🙂

A simple blog just to say our thoughts and prayers are with those effected by the earthquake in China! – if you have family or friends in the area – then Our thoughts are with you as we’ll!!!!!….. Such a horrible tragedy – the Cornish charity Shelter Box is on stand he to help if its needed!!!!!….. Good Luck!!!!!…..

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#outonashout No 24

Yep….. Hard run down and even longer harder walk with al the kit back out of the valley!!!!! 🙂 one lucky guy!!!!

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team - "Semper Paratus"

18/04/13 @ 1923 – Team paged to a report of a person stuck in the mud at Gorran Gorras Creek. MRCC Falmouth kept the caller on the line until we arrived. As we were getting the mud rescue equipment ready and PPE we found we had around a half mile walk. MRCC Falmouth reported that the tide had reached the casualty and was starting to rise up his legs.

Once down to the casualty 2x Mud Rescue Technicians deployed and and started to extricate the casualty using our specialist equipment. By the time we’d finished the water had risen over the casualties knees.

We ‘pepper potted’ the casualty using the mud stretchers back to the shore and kept him warm until the arrival of the ILB for transport back to the station for a warm up.

Ordinarily we’d have used a winch but due to the todal conditions and distance…

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Hello USA

Wow – I have people following me from the USA – amazing – I promise to write something interesting for you all to read soon – I promise!!!!!…..

Meanwhile if you need any type of help from me or if you feel I can help advise you on anything – feel free to ask!

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