Posted by: damianl6578 | July 29, 2013


My Colleagues and good friends from Porthoustock CRT! Be Safe guys!!!!! 🙂

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team - "Semper Paratus"

28/07/13 @ 0900 – 1230 An early Sunday start for both Falmouth CRT and 5 members of our neighbouring Porthoustock CRT for rope rescue training at West Bay, Meanporth.

Teams setup arrow-head and double stake holdfasts for a series of scenarios to put new team members through their paces on the cliff top learning the ‘ropes’ as it were and developing team members from Porthoustock ‘over the edge’ as rope rescue technicians.

We practiced, standard decent, lowering from the top, techinician decent, where they lower themselves and accompanied decent, where the technician takes ‘another’ with them, that person could be another Coastguard Officer, Paramedic, or Fire Fighter for assistance with a seriously injured casualty / access to vehicle etc, or a vet for assistance with an animal or a scences of crime officer, should the worst ever happen.

A good mornings training, with many topics covered. a Good refresher for…

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