Posted by: damianl6578 | April 18, 2013

#outonashout No 24

Yep….. Hard run down and even longer harder walk with al the kit back out of the valley!!!!! 🙂 one lucky guy!!!!

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team - "Semper Paratus"

18/04/13 @ 1923 – Team paged to a report of a person stuck in the mud at Gorran Gorras Creek. MRCC Falmouth kept the caller on the line until we arrived. As we were getting the mud rescue equipment ready and PPE we found we had around a half mile walk. MRCC Falmouth reported that the tide had reached the casualty and was starting to rise up his legs.

Once down to the casualty 2x Mud Rescue Technicians deployed and and started to extricate the casualty using our specialist equipment. By the time we’d finished the water had risen over the casualties knees.

We ‘pepper potted’ the casualty using the mud stretchers back to the shore and kept him warm until the arrival of the ILB for transport back to the station for a warm up.

Ordinarily we’d have used a winch but due to the todal conditions and distance…

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