Posted by: damianl6578 | April 18, 2013

AATF’s. ATF’s, Electronic refurbishers wanted!!!!!

Do you own, run, and operate an AATF that isn’t aligned to a WEEE Compliance Scheme!? If so I want to talk to you as soon as possible please – we could be paying you a tonnage rate for simply reporting B2C weights to us – if you do just B2B collections then I want to talk as well!

Do you run an electrical refurbishment company dealing with mainly Consumer returns in the UK, again – I want to speak to you – if you do enough customer returns this scheme can work for you also!
This isn’t a “Fad” it’s a UK law that can actually work in your favour – run by Compliance scheme’s like ourselves we help companies (large producers of electronic equipment) to deal / handle their WEEE Recycling for them – this means we get them to pay for the recycling of their products by category in the UK – taking the burden off of the consumer with yet another green tax!
It may sound too good to be true – but we can assure you it is legitimate and actually part of UK law.

We will help you understand how you can be making this additional monies by simply reporting to us tonnages and weights – you report – and prove the weights / materials / goods came in and we pay you based on the weight of them!

It genuinely is that simple!!!!!….. drop me a line and I can start to explain more for you!


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