Posted by: damianl6578 | April 8, 2013

My First Ever Blog!!!!! :-)

Well Hello All – this is officially my first ever blog – any tips please let me know!

well about me – im a coastguard rescue officer for a hobby – i run several companies – a computer repair business, WEEE Compliance Scheme, and a WEEE Treatment company, i am a fully qualified waste manager and consult to a wide variety of companies from blue chip through to local micro businesses, i love the diversity of my career and i really enjoy meeting new people!

I have a lovely family with a great fiancée – our little boy is nearly two and a half years old – and is the light of my life!

i love SCUBA Diving, and have been a professional Diver for 17 years – my other passion is martial arts varying from Thai Boxing, Jujitsu, Karate, Tykwondo, Kung-Fu, as well as concepts martial arts – which lead me towards MMA in my twenties – short lived as i got older as i discovered it takes waaay too long to heal as you get older! 🙂

i decided whilst in a not so great position in a competition that it would be a great idea to take up golf instead of getting my head smashed to pieces on a regular basis – at my first lesson i stood too close to the instructor as he showed me how to hit the ball – got hit in the face with the club breaking my nose, and cracking my teeth! – i then gave up on Golf for several years as it was way too dangerous for me! 🙂

I’ve done a bit of everything, and i am proud of that and im pretty sure it’s what has made me the guy i am today!?

I have dyslexia but I don’t let it old me back – i have struggled with pretty much everything in my life – but have always found a way to get on with it all.

I am passionate about the environment and as much am very proud of what i do for a living – if i can help anyone with anything to do with recycling or WEEE please let me know!

Again this is my first blog so please feel free to give as much advice as possible! – I am hoping to get some images up from my work, hobbies and my role as a coastguard rescue officer….. again if I can help with anything please let me know as I am very keen to expand both my soial and professional networks!


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