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Exercise help

Hi – I am looking for core strength exercises and grip strength exercises to help with my BJJ – Can anyone help me!? I am as you may have guessed still new at this game and I really want to develop faster than I am – some basic strength exercises may be what helps!?
Cheers for any help!


Awesome idea!!!!!

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Ghurka Shorts – Spare No Pleat


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My Colleagues and good friends from Porthoustock CRT! Be Safe guys!!!!! 🙂

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team - "Semper Paratus"

28/07/13 @ 0900 – 1230 An early Sunday start for both Falmouth CRT and 5 members of our neighbouring Porthoustock CRT for rope rescue training at West Bay, Meanporth.

Teams setup arrow-head and double stake holdfasts for a series of scenarios to put new team members through their paces on the cliff top learning the ‘ropes’ as it were and developing team members from Porthoustock ‘over the edge’ as rope rescue technicians.

We practiced, standard decent, lowering from the top, techinician decent, where they lower themselves and accompanied decent, where the technician takes ‘another’ with them, that person could be another Coastguard Officer, Paramedic, or Fire Fighter for assistance with a seriously injured casualty / access to vehicle etc, or a vet for assistance with an animal or a scences of crime officer, should the worst ever happen.

A good mornings training, with many topics covered. a Good refresher for…

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In pictures: Sedona’s Chapel of the Holy Cross

Check this out! it’s amazing!

On the Luce

A few miles south of the Arizonan city of Sedona, there’s an unusual-looking structure tucked among the cliffs. It looks like it could be an observatory – or even a Bond villain’s lair – but it’s really a Catholic chapel from the 1950s.

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BJJ in Falmouth, Cornwall

Hi All – Anyone in Cornwall fancy coming along to the ONLY Gracie Barra Academy in Cornwall – have a look at the attachment


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Noisy Neighbours

Besides going to the council and environmental health and without getting angry – is there any way of dealing with noisy – intoxicated neighbours!? – does anyone have any ideas!?

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Cornwall BJJ

Cornwall BJJ.

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Cornwall BJJ

Cornwall BJJ

Some of you may know that here in Cornwall we are incredibly lucky to have a BJJ legend Raphael Dos Santos based here and running – – we also have the first Cornish BJJ Gi and nogi coming up in September this year – see the web site for further details.
There is also a calendar for training nights and we would live to have a lot more people come along – especially if you any giving it a go for the first time!?

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Happy Fathers Day!!!!! :-)

Happy Fathers Day to All the Fathers out there!!!!!….. I have to say I Love being a Father and my beautiful Fiancée Emma makes it all the more enjoyable! Mothers of the world – if it wasn’t for you Fathers like us wouldn’t be as happy! 🙂
Thank you!!!!!….. My Beautiful Family!…..

….. Thanks also for my awesome new BJJ Gi!!!!!….. I am incredibly happy that I need the next size down! 🙂

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